Saturday, April 18, 2009

My Malaysian Weekend!

Malaysian Weekend

I received a call from Azam of IIR asking for a very big favour. He wanted me to go to Pekan and appear on the Malaysian Weekend programme. I was to speak on Being a Good Leader.So I went because he promised me the moon and the stars and whatever else I want from the galaxy.

The last time I went to Pekan it was almost 20 years ago. So I decided to stay in Kuantan. I have not been well at all so perhaps the sea breeze at Teluk Cempedak will lift up my spirits.

The programme was great and I had the opportunity to meet up with a wonderful asst. producer Aswad and the two bubbly comperes, Farizal and Yasmin. We had a blast! I appeared both on the Saturday and Sunday show.

Above are the pictures!