Friday, June 6, 2008

The last time we met was in 1974!

An old friend from primary school dropped a comment in my blog.(Via Mr. Manager, thanks Vernon!) Dr Zulhisham Ghazali. Managed to track him down and we spoke. He was warm and friendly. He is a GP in Melaka. It was so nice of him to remember me all these years. We were close friends from standard 2 till standard 6 in King Edward Vll 2 primary school. He saw me on TV in AF5. People from Taiping are so nice la....

We plan to meet soon. We would probably need a few days to catch up! I am so grateful to modern technology. How did we ever survive without Internet?

Thursday, June 5, 2008

I am back!

I have been so involved with my academic work that I did not have time to write. There were invigilating exams, marking exam scripts, confirming results and special exams. Am I complaining? NOPE. I am sooo enjoying my work. I am now teaching the short semester. Packed for 7 weeks but fun.

I invited my dear friend Cikgu Fati (AF 6.....) to talk to my students on the importance of learning English. She was mobbed by the students. They asked for autographs, took her picture,and asked about her famous daughters. I had to drag her to the car to send her home. I am so glad my students spoke English with her. It is so nice to have celebs as friends! She was so accommodating.
Thank you Kak Fati.

For Malaysian Lit. class I am so fortunate to be able to have a long time friend, Liew Suet Fun, to talk about her book, "Gilding the Lily". She spoke for a solid 3 hours. The students were stuck to their chairs. Another great lesson! Thanks so much Suet.
The book is sold at MPH for RM99. Get it! I have an autographed copy. It is a book about Malaysian women. A great coffee table book.

An old friend left comments on my blog today. So touched. Hope to meet up Dr. Zulhisham Ghazali!

Will write about my students in my next blog.

Thanks to Chedd (aka Sukardi), I managed to catch P. Ramlee the Musical for the second time. Had a great time! Went with my buddy Ramdhan and met up with Mila, Shawal and Rizal of AF5. Really enjoyed ourselves. Mila looked great and happy after winning in Bulgaria. Shawal looked healthy and muscular, funny as ever. Rizal was as usual, sweet and respectful. So proud of my students.

Those of you who have not seen the musical, do go, its a world class production. Datin Seri Tiara, you are a maestro! Keep up the good work.

Liza Hanim was Saloma reincarnated. You will hate Melisa Saila as Norizan, the ultimate b***h!. Musly was so hauntingly P. Ramlee. Atilia was so enchanting. Miss Sean Ghazi and Datuk Siti though.I may go again!