Saturday, July 5, 2008

It is all about power.

I am sitting in my office waiting for a student to do her quiz. Feeling lethargic coz' its Saturday. Just read the papers and felt disgusted again about the goings in our beloved country. The "who dunnit episodes" are all over the news again.

We had a great election. People from all over the world congratulated us for being able to up hold democracy. Now the sodomy, anal sex and murder is all over our news paper. Why? My answer is about people who are so power crazy. It is about spoilt "kids" who just want more. Gimme, gimme, gimme! Those who have power want to hold on to it and those without just want it at any cost.

We have a beautiful and lovely country. We have enough to eat and we sleep well at night. We do not want trouble. We need to tell our politician to get on with their work. They are elected to work for us! Not to ruin us.

I pray that tomorrow will be a great and peaceful Sunday. I like to have peace and quiet on my Sundays. I want to have my roti canai and read my Sunday papers and just lepak. I am sure many of you want this too.